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My earliest memories are engraved with the physical appeal of Jesus Christ. His blonde hair and blue eyes were so various from all individuals that I understood in India. I participated in a convent school where we recited “Our Father” throughout the early morning assembly, and we enrolled on Moral Science. Many of all I enjoyed entering into the Convent where we sang psalms and gathered gorgeous pictures of Christ, and of Our Lady of Fatima, after whom my school was called.

In your home obviously it was a various matter. It was a Sikh home where the centre of life was the Guru Granth. The holy book is considered as the magnificent discovery and utmost regard is paid to it. As kids we ‘d assist our moms and dads dress the Book in silks and brocades. It was put on a pedestal while we rested on the flooring in front. We recited its enthusiastic poetry patterned on the raga system of ancient India. In the house we heard bout the life of the Ten Sikh Gurus who did not look like Jesus Christ.

But life was not schizophrenic, for the 2 worlds with their various languages, various histories, various images and various designs of praise co-existed colourfully. Together they ended up being a vital part of my mind. The “concern” of identity never ever turned up: simply as I understood my name, I understood I was a Sikh. However that did not stop me from getting involved excitedly in the spiritual area developed by my Catholic instructors: it was strange and charming in its own method. I can still feel the fervour with which I would sing “The Lord is my shepherd absolutely nothing will I fear” – in spite of my frantically bad musical skills! However when I pertained to end up High school in America, I saw Christ pervading the material of western society and my own custom exceptionally far-off.

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